Mumford Shellfish

David Bruning

aquaculture / oystering Chincoteague Bay, MD
Photo Credit: photo courtesy of artist
Mumford Shellfish

Best known for their Salt Shaker oyster, Mumford Shellfish, based in Chincoteague Bay, grows and sells premium oysters. Owner David Bruning, the son of a commercial fisherman, was immersed in the traditions of life on the water from a young age. His first ocean trip at age 8 ignited a lifelong enthusiasm for working on the water. Bruning’s journey in aquaculture began at 12 with a job at a clam and oyster nursery, where millions of baby shellfish were grown to sell to other farms for planting in the bay. Fascinated by this experience, he started his own oyster farm in 2016 in the Chincoteague Bay of Maryland.

Mumford Shellfish is proud that its work helps keep Chincoteague Bay healthy by growing native species and improving water quality. Its mission is to consistently produce top-quality oysters that capture the unique flavors and history of these waters. Mumford Shellfish is dedicated to deepening appreciation for the bay and making sure it stays healthy for future generations.

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