Alla and Milana Borovskaia

Alla and Milana Borovskaia

Russian wool felting Olney, Maryland
Photo Credit: photo courtesy of artist
Alla and Milana Borovskaia

Alla and Milana, an interdisciplinary visual artist duo based in Maryland, are celebrated for their beautiful large-scale wall sculptural compositions created using thousands of ultrathin shapeless strands of natural wool fibers, freestanding sculptures, and mixed media works that incorporate natural flowers and plants. Their creative muse is deeply rooted in the intricate patterns and breathtaking gradients in the natural world, seamlessly blending artistry and nature. With unwavering passion, they shatter the confines of possibility, breathing life into the ordinary and elevating it to extraordinary heights. Alla and Milana create their works using an exquisite blend of unique signature techniques, intricate processes, and harmonious combinations. Each artwork unveils a world of unparalleled beauty, unfurling the magnificent symphony of color, shape, and energy.

Over the years, Alla and Milana have exhibited their art in Italy, Eastern Europe, and in galleries in the United States, such as the Sandy Spring Museum in Sandy Spring, Maryland; Howard County Center for the Arts in Ellicott City, Maryland; New Hampshire Art Association in Portsmouth, New Hampshire; and Matha Spak Gallery in Washington, DC.

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