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June 5, 2024

UMES Steppers

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore has several chapters of Greek Letter Organizations (National Pan-Hellenic Council), along with Non-Greek Social Fellowships (Council of Independent Organizations) on campus who are committed to serving their community and uplifting the students of their historically Black university. UMES's active Greek organizations include Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.; Delta Sigma...

June 5, 2024

Tisza Ensemble

Tisza Ensemble was formed in 1982 by a group of dancers in Maryland interested in the Hungarian táncház movement. Táncház — literally "dance house" — is a Hungarian folk dance social event. The táncház movement—a modern revival of Hungarian traditional dance and music — began in the early 1970s and forms an active part of Hungarian culture, both at home...

June 5, 2024

Quey Percussion Duo

For nearly 20 years, Quey [“Kway”] Percussion Duo has dazzled audiences worldwide with its unmistakable style that blends traditions of contemporary, cross-cultural, classical and popular music to create colorful sound worlds that often place focus on interlocking counterpoint and musical multitasking. The duo’s presentations have a reputation for elevating the basic acts of striking, shaking and scraping into a blast...

June 5, 2024

Trisha Gupta

Trisha Gupta is a contemporary artist, community activist and educator. Her work is heavily influenced by her Indian-American heritage and explores themes of social inequality, colonialism, mental health and immigration. After being trained in the Western tradition of woodblock printing, Gupta returned to her home in Rajasthan to learn about Indian woodblock carving. In particular, she learned about Indian block...

June 5, 2024

Mid Shore Voices United

Mid Shore Voices United is a group of enthusiastic singers from several different religious denominations covering an enormous amount of territory throughout Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The choir was founded in November 2023, when the Covenant Gospel Choir, Friends For Christ, and the  Second Generation Community Chorus of Federalsburg, Maryland, came together to participate in a benefit for a local...

June 5, 2024

Great American Indian Dancers

The Great American Indian Dancers have performed in festivals, concert halls and stages in five continents. Originally based in the Heart of Indian Country in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the group has performed for heads of state, multicultural audiences and children. Its performances feature live music, dance and storytelling from diverse tribes from throughout the United States. The Great American Indian...

June 5, 2024

Dan + Claudia Zanes with Tyree Austin

Grammy award-winner Dan Zanes and vocalist/music therapist Claudia Zanes have been sharing their love of community and social music making in concerts large and small across the country. It was in their hometown of Baltimore that they recently met Tyree Austin, when the three happened to be performing on the same night at a local men’s shelter. The connection was...

June 5, 2024

Garry Moore

Anchor Wood Creations salvages and repurposes materials from a variety of sources for a wide range of projects, from restaurant/retail fit-outs, to home furnishings and decor, to unique pieces of art. Founder/Owner Garry Moore draws his inspiration from his childhood on his grandparents’ farm, where nothing was wasted and repurposing items was a way of life. He is further inspired...

June 5, 2024

David Bruning

Best known for their Salt Shaker oyster, Mumford Shellfish, based in Chincoteague Bay, grows and sells premium oysters. Owner David Bruning, the son of a commercial fisherman, was immersed in the traditions of life on the water from a young age. His first ocean trip at age 8 ignited a lifelong enthusiasm for working on the water. Bruning's journey in...

June 5, 2024

Shanye Huang

Award-winning artist Shanye Huang (he/him) was born and raised in a Zhuang Ethnic family in Guangxi, Southwest China, a region known for its vibrant folk arts. Huang’s work connects his southern Chinese craft traditions and folkloric heritage with western contemporary art concepts. His masterpiece “Tapestry of Dreams” inspired American conductor and composer Silas Huff to create a 25-minute dance symphony....

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